Glass bead blasting is a process of mechanical surface finishing.  It allows to remove stains, cutting-tools traces, polish, and to renew the surface with a silk-like satin shine. When applied on stainless steel, it gives additional protection against pitting and stress corrosion. For blasting we use micro-sized glass “balls”, which does not result in erosive abrasion. Thanks to their light weight density, this method can be used even on precision elements (thin or fragile). Glass beads blasting does not result in metal inclusion. Micro glass beads, due to their chemical neutrality, are especially desirable for stainless, quality types of steel and light metal alloys, prone to iron pollution. Glass bead blasting does not include any chemical detergent.



Sand blasting is a process of cleaning by compressed air-delivered abrasive. It is characterised by high efficiency and precision of processing of complex shapes and curves. Furthermore, this method allows to precisely regulate the cleaning strength, so one can decide on how much impact it should make on the material. This sanding-streaming cleaning process results in high quality effect without the need for degreasing of the surface before painting. Sand blasting is a both effective and economical solution for cleaning and surface renovation.