design, modernity and security

The slide is a product that is constantly evolving. For some time now, it has ceased to be only equipment for playgrounds, but has become an indispensable element of amusement parks, water parks, hotel complexes, shopping malls, airports, public buildings, warehouses and wholesale points. A lot is required of the slides, apart from the obvious securing and provision of entertainment, it should guarantee safety and the highest quality. An attractive and original appearance should be an additional advantage of the slide. Our company knows your needs and expectations very well, which is why our offer includes not only proven solutions that have been available on the market for many years. These are also innovative and cutting-edge projects, taking into account the installation of slides in large buildings. In this way, we set trends and novelties applicable in the industry, building our own brand, and thus providing products of the highest quality.

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Slide shapes available

Our offer is a thoughtful harmony of shapes that combines safety and a spectacular appearance as well as an unforgettable experience. Each type of slide has its own unique features, not found in any other variant. Particularly noteworthy are those with an original and modern design. Such slides are undoubtedly winding or spiral slides. They guarantee a huge portion of emotions and a maximum dose of adrenaline, all of this due to the large number of twists and unpredictability of the ride. The length of the slide is also of great importance, which allows you to extend the fun to the maximum. Winding and spiral slides are available in the shape of a tube or a trough. It is also worth mentioning the side slide with waves, also available in a multi-lane version, giving you the opportunity to compete with other people. Nothing engages you to play like entertainment, adrenaline and a little competition.

zjezdżalnia wielotorowa w parku rozrywki
Zjeżdżalnia rurowa spiralna na placu zabaw
zjeżdżalnie wilotorowe w parkach rozrywki
zjeżdżalnia rurowa spiralna
zjeżdżalnia jednotorowa na skarpie

Individual slide designs

ELstal has many years of experience in the design and production of stainless steel slides. We perfectly know the material from which we design them. Stainless steel, thanks to additional refinement, is an extremely durable and aesthetic material. It can be sanded or glassed, which gives it a spectacular look. Depending on your needs or the accepted design, the slides can also be painted externally in a selected RAL color. An additional variety of the slide is the use of polycarbonate connectors, thanks to which we can observe the users slide. To the modern solutions that we were the first to introduce in the slides, the so-called “Dry” is the START-STOP system, which informs the user with the appropriate light color (red or green) whether the user can start his exciting slide. Thanks to this system, the slide is completely self-service and safe to use. The slide can also be equipped with a time board that records the speed of each slide and the frequency of its use, which introduces additional competition between users.


Our excellent knowledge of the raw material and how it can be used allows us to create the most demanding slide designs, as well as adapt the existing infrastructure to the needs of the future installation. Based on your expectations, we will prepare an appropriate concept that will fit into the available space. Our distinguishing feature is the creation of complete and thoughtful projects, in unpredictable shapes, distinguished by a spectacular and effective design. We are not afraid of challenges and demanding projects, our experience and professionalism are confirmed by the installations we have implemented in many countries in Europe and Asia.