Montaż zjeżdżalni

Installation of the slide

placing the slide at the destination

Montaż elementów konstrukcji zjeżdżalni


Installation is an important stage in cooperation with our company. It is a kind of culmination of the technical part of cooperation, which leads directly to seeing the finished effect in the form of a slide. We install our products with attention to quality and safety. Installation is carried out by experienced and qualified employees.


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Regardless of whether you are our client or are just wondering, we will be happy to help. We will advise you in case of doubt, help you choose the best product and much, much more. Check for yourself what our company can help you with and discover the world of slides for everyone.

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eLstal is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel slides in Poland. We have over 20 years of experience in the steel construction industry. We focus on innovation, creativity and safety. Our company’s proposal is a response to the needs of modern business looking for non-standard and original solutions.

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